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nose show a moderate naso-pharyngeal catarrh. The tonsils are small
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camp for prophylactic treatment. A soldier failing to comply with these
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erous child is the result of example, not of theories taught.
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provement in our hygienic condition to such (facts of its prevalence as observed at the
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dren, being orphans, we might expect more or less constitutional
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of the attack. Moreover, by carefully watching the case from its very
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sary, and whether other regions resembling the posi-
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periods in the life of man when goiter is most likely to occur are :
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for long hours in this position the ligaments become
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bacterium is also found in veritable pure culture in the hepatized tissue, and
disulfiram (antabuse) uke chords
mation of an electrical double layer at the boundary of membrane and
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dark evacuations during the day. Cold applications ;
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remains stationary; on the contrary, it soon loses the globular shape
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dose for at least three months and probably indefinitely.
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Feeding for Babies," Dr. May Austen ; "Protecting Baby from Con-
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significance of this element as a phenomenon solely of com-
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of the Toronto General Hospital, and governor of the Uni-
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not able to enter practice through the traditional route of
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is developed too freely in the system in consequence of imperfect assimi-
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which may be said to invariably precede the formation of true
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clinical areas with the bulk of the time spent in the School clinics.
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the disease, but in the horse the absence of anxiety, restlessness,
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would then no longer have to whine over its inadequate revenues.
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ject as medicine. The lesson of patience will be the better learned, if we re-
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But if, from any cause, the natural transformation of the fibrin- ba
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repeated while waiting for the tetanus antitoxin to take
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one year, and was limited to natural history, breeding, equine hygi-
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or even years, without either a well-developed hysterical paroxysm,
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most hospitals. Nursing orders are initiated by the physicians
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bearing or not, and the season. Each irrigation should be
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secondary to changes in the neighbouring parts from which the lymphatics
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the physicians, stimulates the discovery of early cases and increases