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Among 27 cases of complicating pleural effusion, Hadden, Mackenzie and
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those to whose professional care and oversight they are committed.
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onset of the disease takes place after pubert}^, although at first there may
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Emphasis is placed on the fact that it is in the center itself and not
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such patients have their vitality frequently decidedly low-
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Venice also has a twenty-thousand-dollar ($20,000) aquarium,
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means always sufficient : in fact, many times it seems to be absoUitdy injuri-
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Sundays. And each one of the party is to remember the motto
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' Charles Walker Cathcart, M.B., F.R.C.S. Enc & Ed.,
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marked, chiefly in the hypogastric, umbilical, and lejt
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duretic, acting at once on the renal epithelium, and excites and increases the
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the nomenclature of some of the binary chemical compounds,
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resulting from the improper management of infants during
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vantage, occasionally alternated with enemata of tannic acid. In typhoid
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prein (optochin) has a specific bactericidal effect on the pneumococcus
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near them. When the right kidney is depressed by an en-
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He found that, without exception, both the absorption of oxygen
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five hours after the vaccinating mixture of 5 c. c. of serum and
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all the symptoms of pressure upon the medulla. It was at once
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IX. On a Nervous Cough, probably caused by Chorea of the Diaphragm, cured by Tariarized
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3. Prayer for undoing charms. Beginning : flfi«w> «... a g a <Dg0»&h['£]^h «
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regions, and consequently it will have to adapt itself
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of the American Medical Association, as may hereafter be
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work which has duly systematised them. The treatise
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senses, marked confusion of thought, incoherence of speech, but
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Kantara is situated on the bridge of land that crosses the
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forms and such as had formerly been overlooked were col-
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By this method of research it has been determined that the cerebral
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for his visit to the Duchess of , and everybody else. He eats
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weighty reason is that every undue or uncertain remission of
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The secreting apparatus of the mucous membrane of the digestive
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other special media cultures and serology, as well as an
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G. Lexthal CfiEATLE, C-B., F.E.C.S. " The Spread of Cancer in the
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permission to authors of original material to reprint articles
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ating pain may be evoked. This pain is frequently not localized hi the
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