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April 12th. Union firm. Shortening scarcely half an
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X-ray treatment were likely to be of much benefit to the patient.
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attended resection of a portion of the duct in cases of prostatic hypertrophy
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of tlio poKtorior pillar. The knifo uHod hIkmiM ho a
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Dr. Moses Barron, Minneapolis : It is well to remem-
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a chain saw was passed across the tarsus and worked through
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jail and await a legal investigation. He was triumphantly ac-
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ever, be taken as a fair ratio of the actual compara-
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port. An incisioD was made from the umbihcus to the
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benefit package. A part-time private practice is per-
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until the tube became twisted would bear out the idea of
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problems. Nobody is more disinclined to write about these
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tal Care Study of New York,’’ unpublished data, 1990). 7
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The mean daily loss of albumin in a dysentery of moderate severity has
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cytosis and opsonins, going fully into protective agencies and
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shall be resorted to except in extremities, though in hospitals
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McCoRMlCK, A. M. D„ Assistant Surgeon.— 'De\ac'heA from
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1951. Hollis, Charles B., The Cambridge Apts. (19144)
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or, more properly an arachnid, which, by burrowing in the skin,
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to perform an abnormal amount of work, as in valvular or arterial
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fusion (Figure 2). A consulting cardiologist suggested open
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correcting existing evils, and examination and appro-
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for argument, a dead pig is worth 56s. per cwt., or 6d.
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and the co-existing ovarian tumour would be; and, certainly, unless
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ied by pain, and disappeared about ten days before my
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Of the survivors, one is perfectly well three and a quarter years
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of death. When I returned, the bod} 7 was on ice as usual,
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Meynert. Strieker s Handbuch d. Gewebelehre und Psychiatrie, Bd. ii. 1870 ; Klinik
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public. It was an occasion which will be long remem-
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fever — and in defiance of medical skill, was finally
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quantity of blood will amount to 84 quarts, or 168 pounds, of
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General practice will and should claim most of you. The many specialties and
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add sufficient water to make the finished product weigh 200 grams.