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demands. The increase of arterial pressure is also felt within the heart,

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by cod-liver oil, combined with iron. Wines are always indicated in

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patients must receive a most nutritious diet with moderate stimulation.

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lesions should be looked for. Whatever the derangement is, or what-

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medullary. The epithelial is the more frequent. The medullary is not so

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into a joint. The head measures about l-40th of an inch ; around its

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tranquillize the heart. Galvanization of the cervical sympathetic dimin-

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jaundice is a prominent symptom, and the other symptoms which have been

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l^eders andExhlbitors. Bevised by the Editor of ** Babbits for Prizes and

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clot obstructs the main channel. When the veins near the surface of the

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capable of performing its healthy functions only under the most favorable

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Treatment. — A shoulder-cap, extending down as far as the insertion

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of potash. In severe cases the mouth should be washed every few hours

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touch. The extent of the enlargement of the gland adjacent to the vac-

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this form of Bright's disease is the development of cardiac hypertroj)hy.

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of the lungs, brain, liver, spleen and kidneys.' In the hemorrhagic form

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e. (/., hydrolliorax, pleurisy with edusiou, etc., etc.

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hepatic or remtl colic, and enteritis. In colic the dischar<,'es from tho

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highly organized granulation-tissue, and is usually spherical in shape. The

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cracked ice, drinking milk and lime-water, or by small hypodermic doses