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lymphatics are probably implicated in inflammatory masses, or
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became lost in the popliteal cavity. The internal saphena vein was
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the male sex is aifected in one-third of all the cases,
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organized ; it has its associations, conventions, and secret unions, so
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with nerve irritation than with paralysis. He does not agree with the observer
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four and one-half months. He weighs 1,590 gm. Necropsy: All organs
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1905 a.— Tierische Parasiten (1901-1903) <Ergebn. d. allg. Path. u. path. Anat..
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of ail efTusion in a pleural cavity free from adin-sioiiB,
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attempt to make any selection would be invidious and might
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B. QuARiTCH, Ltd., 11, Grafton Street, New Bond Street, W. 1.
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two coils of intestine — one, about 13 inches in length, was dark-
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breeds of farm animals, their characteristics and adapta-
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given for original investigations in the Laboratory.
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30 changes of air per hour have been effected with notably successful
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it was remarked : " There is no doubt that a will, prepared and
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in respect of a varicose ulcer are extreme vein degeneration and
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'' The hypothesis that the affection is, primarily, one of the muscles, is
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Lewis Ginter, Dr. Hunter McGuire, James B. Pace, Rev. Dr. Moses
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45 deaths in the institution, yielding a death-rate of
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have entered and blocked the bile-ducts, or the cyst has pressed upon
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tion, are observations of fifty cases of acute articular rheumatism.