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Colonial Office and Crown Agents for the Colonies. With one hundred and four-
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more into detail, but I hope at some future time to be able to state some
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This organ, therefore, receives an increased blood supply, and that under a
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Besides, he teaches the obligation to watch over the character of
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became very cold, and a copious cold sweat broke out over his
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the law of the land, and a standing illustration of the small
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primary haemorrhage from large arteries. All such local measures
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the anterior wall of the air passage, and in order of frequency in the
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parts unsheltered by enamel, and the tooth is lost "What
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If we can rely on the statements of such careful clinical
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lished his observations and discoveries in the Transactions of
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neuroglia but also on the ground of insufficient chemic syn-
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Gentlemen, — Your committee appointed to deal with infractions of the Medical Act
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encountered in Japan. It occurs also in China and the Philippine
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the individual cases, as a consideration of the average findings in each
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lages, as &r as tne free edge of the aryepiglottic
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tion/' These sequalse, according to Dr. D, "occasioned an atrophy of
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long ago he died, evidently from an attack of acute
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graphic style he held closely the attention of his audi-
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thologist, to the military hospital of the British troops at Scutari.
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it to recognize the irregular and complicated form of the
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the apparatus. The results are expressed in relative terms, the
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the delicate capsule is easily ruptured, the node then appearing as a small
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turate, and severe pain in the rectum at every foecal
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At the end of twenty-four hours the mother's milk still
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ture of the long bones, have hesitated about applying
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First, then, are there any drugs or medical preparations whose effects
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dually diminifhed in fize, and with it the lofs of mufcular fiefh
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degree as to render swallowing difficult and make nasal feed-
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vague and uncertain, and tears are abundantly shed from the slightest causes.
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sons had received more or less attention from the dentist con-
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we have obtained most decided and prompt relief from
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" By these experiments, it is ascertdined, that a low negative
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neighborhood of the pupil, the phagocytes much more act-
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of its condition must be obtained, as: 1, its specific
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complain of short, stabbing pain, unrelated to action of the bowels, with no
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tended over a period of thirty years, until it finally came to necropsy. Between
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This result must be looked on as more satisfactory than the
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of active syphilis notupder treatment ; this case did not respond
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some seventy or eighty children in one of our neighbor-
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Occasionally, the parotitis disappears a variable time before the onset of
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depended on other causes than perfect respiration : but experience shows, as a
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progress is the disease in some instances that the absence of such evi-
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actually performed the abortion, and the other $100