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tinge ; pulse, rather feeble ; bowels, constipated ; in short, the usual

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tended septic bladder; the patient would die within

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saline infusion is frequently followed by a relief of the symptoms. The

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increases its financial participation in the Old Age As-

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doses of 20 mg/kg were also associated with hepatic changes;

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ceeded by abdominal pain, profuse diarrhoea, rapid wasting of

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for of all the organs the kidneys are the chief eliminators of

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will prove a benefit alike to the sufferer as well as to the

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granules, chiefly in the deepest cells of the J\lalpighian layer, but also to

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the deeper seated blood-vessels ; the skin is perhaps erysipelatous

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men (histon) and nucleins, and it is these nucleins in particular that

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muscle is secondarily affected, whereas in the latter it is the primary disturbance

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Fig. 3. — The Long Diameter. — The ordinates give the diameter; the abscissae

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