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in the case. Its use is not dangerous except in very advanced cases.
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conditions. To get at the root of the evil it will be
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The Diagnosis and Serum Treatment of Anterior Polio-
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fully one sees that they are composed of separate nodules, varying greatly
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of the face and the limbs, which gives a useful clue to the diagnosis. These
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to overlook some peculiarity in the case | middle of a room would at once begin to
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440 Dr John Sinithii. A ■■.i"..i::r/. I'.iinkei, South A/ri,.i.
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tiatioiisand Formulary. Cliicapi: \V. T. K.-mi-r, IHHli. l*p. xiv-14().
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when inoculated, caused tuberculosis. On section, three other abscesses were seen at
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or expel from the State, those who differ from us in religious
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ment from their publications. To the very same source the doc-
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but takes place in ticks. The life-cycle can hardly yet be said to be thoroughly
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method of '' ceplialotripBy without tractions/' which. Dr. Kidd
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But Thomson's intellectual powers were too great to be
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Reprints: Anthony S. Morgan, M.D., Department of Surgery St.
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works the nut (c?); the shaft being of steel and the nut of brass.
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An important morbid effect frequently follows diminution of the albu-
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