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distinctly palpable papules but with no color, and on the other

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nature, as in cancerous and tuberculous peritonitis. The cases

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the supra and infra-spinators. This form of paralysis is usually bilateral,

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and by the distribution of its lesions, which are some-

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2. "Fracture about the Hip.'' Charles T. Howard, M.D.

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founded with carcinoma, but they have nothing in common

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clomiphene citrate tablets ip siphene 100 uses

the moisture and warmth of the air before entering the lungs, and

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clomiphene (klohm-uh-feen) (clomid serophene)

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moved, his hand was found to be fixed with the fingers semi-flexed

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severe type. On the third day of the illness, the mother states,

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bility, not even hemianesthesia, has a priori a differ-

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continued or too often repeated, has a very depressing influence.

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objections to the ase of ansssthetics are now no longer urged.

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should be made for doing away with compensation as soon as the

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taken that a drop does not hang at the end of the swab, but that the

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Protozoa. — Protozoa are unicellular organisms of the

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it was not even the "laudable pus" which surgeons had been so

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amount of fibrous tissue, in which are placed collections of small Cysts

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Phophoric of the U. S. P., which has been continued up to April

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mouth is unlike that seen in measles and also differs from the scarlet fever

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competent veterinary inspection. In this way a large propor-

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These two compounds, and the vegetable substances that

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venth month, as suggested bj Kelly and recommended by Denman.

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sonally, namely, as to care, feeding, watering, or groom-

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Ordinates = per cent, of reducing substance in blood. Abscissa = time : a-b each