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tul)erculosis. A slight burning in the anus was not
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become susceptible after a lapse of time. The incidence of the disease is
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cial effect. Fatty degeneration of the heart has long been a
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Ligation of sulcus below the sino-auricular node now caused successively
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of the wires pushed through the gauze, and a cap of
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of salt solution. It is held to be a mistake to give laxatives the
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days : bodies delivered for dissection must be embalmed and kept for
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and corrupt ; and nuts help digestion, because they are some-
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this species of neuralgia. I have met with it during the progress
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Voted, That the hours of meeting of the Association, shall
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Since Social Agencies are all strong towards prevention and con-
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do not always continue to the end as I have just described them.
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tively, declared themselves so by " hanging the banner on the
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broader segments of the population, such as blood donors,
confident, worse than ever liefore exjierienced. He had lost flesh
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lation of the inactive spot must evidently have caused an inhibition to be
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disposition or inherited taint. It is very evident that this race is kept up
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in their urine ; the albuminuria, however, even then was arrested
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ways, and besides having concubines, he committed adultery with Bath-
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(i) These points must exactly correspond when the two limbs are
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as Dr. Billings recognized in the office of a practitioner he visited,
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3.8 per cent, of them were pregnant at a given time on the average, then the
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develop as early as possible the attitude expressed at the upper left hand corner
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itself in the distal ends of the diaphyses of the long bones of the arms
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