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injected 5 m. Mag. sol. and 20 m. brandy ; tempera-
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ticular stage in the function of digestion, the patient was advised
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these conditions, and in animals it is not completely abolished by-
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remains much improved in health, and has gained consider-
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received from Headquarters of tiie army, SurgeonAiene-
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of tills singular difficulty is altogether attributed by medical writei'9
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85° F. reduced to 75° F. The baths must be given with the greatest care,
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cle, or at any point behind the insertion, results in ex-
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and after that the saline treatment was not possible owing to the
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munities of Europe and America, the disease is not communi-
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The results were very satisfactory; copious, soft, semiformed
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sided prisms ; we know of no other differences between it and carbol itself.
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I left at 8 p. m., arriving in Chaumont at 5 a. m. September 6fth.
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evacuator. (After-treatment will be spoken of later.)
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order to overcome this, weights were put on for a month, but they failed
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not as rigid as we now know it should be for the thor-
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outside, but they do not greet their ears ; brisk footfalls sound on the pavement, but they do
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This Act made it a penal offence for a person to be
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heat, at least, and the same duration of exposure that is
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and is not due to secondary inflammatory changes, inns-
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1857, pp. 349, 448, and 460. Dr. Chenu has not given a table of cases of
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through the periosteum, and, if that could be done with
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L903 m. — 9ur i s migrations des ankylostomes a travers la peau. [Abstract of
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tion. Eegarding the deej) spread, it takes place in the muscles and
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' pellets ' indifferently : I have not met with the term ' bullet ' in his