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images of the color record are placed when the instrument is
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globinised. Sporogony unknown. The same species (?) is
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phia.) The patient, a male, aged thirty-seven, an alco-
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sulphate. A short time previously I prescribed this
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Books for review, and all communications relating to the
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slaphylococci and streptococci, a result agreed in by Posner and Lewin,
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indications of the progress of the disease and of the effects
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grocer, greengrocer are each and all represented. It is in-
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« Pull. No. 214, N. Y. Agricultural Experiment Station.
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thb Operation. By Paul M. Pitcher, M.D Brooklyn, N. T. 404
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Hence this structure is called emphatically the gritty tissue.
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most lively of a group of six children. I am desirous this case should
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aureole ; but they may be red. The explanation given is that the wheal
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4 minutes after tightening the cord sound of the heart obscure,
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af^ain, while at the same time there is a rolling motion of the
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interests of the whole profession. Essays, reports of cases, and correspondence upon subjects of pro-
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continue to study how physicians' communication behav-
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hernia for the last seven or eight years — hernia of
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|T^^ \ie might happen to hold at the time was thrown with great force.
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tion varies from 5 to 20 days, taking longer upon the
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jme she had been able to get on fairly well since she had
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termination. Those cases in which the system is violently as-
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deducing any inferences from the excretions of the urine. I
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ment In the Report on Cholera in Paris, in 1831, published by oixler of
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this date I arrived at Buenos Ayres and found that the
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Excitability, the capacity to be acted upon by stimuli.
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duration of symptoms before diagnosis and relatively
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culties or dangers present m the removal of the testicles
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be found. The total acidity of the gastric juice is then determined,
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death occurred about thirty-six hours after the trans-
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Dr. Joseph M. Mathews, of Louisville, contributed a paper on " The
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of which bonuses are made. But their effect on patients can
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el tratamiento de la oftalmia emigradoia jior la enuclea-
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Resort. Scottsdale. Mon-Tues. Contact: Jodi Lee Smith. Mayo Clinic
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gresses, the chances of error diminish, until there is no possibility of
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1891, xxix 321 -328. . Ou the tie^itiiieiit of talipes
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carries the idea of mystery, and is by many combated blindly ; while