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nation for gonococci should not be taken as positive and when
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Hospital, and from the American Oncologic Hospital, Phila-
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man was most difficult to reassure and has spent most
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magnesia is prescribed, he gives 12 grammes in the same quantity
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diagnosis many obscure and “chronic” complaints. No
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liver. Both the regular and concentrated potencies are standardized on the
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night sentry duty for such victims are out of the ques-
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menorrhea, I try to find out first, as diplomatically as
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150 F. He advises using a test tube to heat the water and allow-
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If subjective they indicate body derangement, if objective that some
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attendance on a certain wealthy lady. And we know of several
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field directors at Port Darwin, Australia, Port Mores-
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are available in the lighting system, but due to poor
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Board of Trustees of the American Hospital Associa-
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We were taught in our boyhood to look upon consistency as a
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upon the urgent necessity of studies by recitation, and even bed-
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which on removal proved to be a solid, yellow, com-
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and drink interdicted. On the second and tliird day, alum-
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It was planned to have dinner at the Green Kettle on
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signs and symptoms that may anticipate in many cases what the blood bromide determination will show
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Due to the stress and urgency of the times, the in-
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Osmond, Philadelphia (Woman’s Med. Coll. ’98), Oct.
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frozen state, we find that the turbidity as measured
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the hospital. There is no doubt that our teaching hos-
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areas of the country should be encouraged to carry an
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to the hospital and learn hospital technic and team-
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Service, it has been determined that 59 physicians and
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review board for his examination for entrance to Officer
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fact that in the obstetric field ergot is a marvelous
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amount of carbohydrate in the diet. On the other hand,
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Well, after all this we find that the charlatan who never reads
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Dr. Lockhart Clarke has been so good as to examine the cord
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to 10 : 30 a. m., Thursday, September 9. The scientific
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ment of whooping cough, 40 drops in a wineglass of water, with
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with advertisements of them. At the present time we
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not improve on it, but there are a few points I would
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vention of disease and health conservation. The phy-
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ing period for an indefinite length of time as a maximum