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possessed of a duct and have an external secretion,

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murmur or peculiarity, except that perhaps it beats over a somewhat larger

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of its vessels, from which condition sloughing of the whole or a part of the

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future work. Excessive sleep, Dana thinks, is like a flux in

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wound of the lip was united by a hare-lip pin and twisted suture, applied

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tunity of putting this treatment to the test in an exceedingly satisfactory

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ent, but simply a turgescence of the mucous membrane, he

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been fungus haematodes. We^are happy in being able to communicate a

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Louisiana State Medical Society, New Orleans, April 18-20, 1001.

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ment of the spleen and liver and its irregular course. A sound

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dryness and shriveling of the extremities of the fingers and toes : the eyes

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sixth annual meeting of this Association will be held at Charles-

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be disinfected; daily official reports to be furnished to the

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and rapid pulse ; the teeth and tongue soon became covered with a black sordes; there

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derance of the evidence. Among the states following this rule

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differs materially from any so far described it possesses

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spleen and negative symptoms in the respiratory system. One

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for which the Fothergillian gold medal was awarded by the Medical Society of London.

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New England Medical Monthly (Danbury, Conn.), April.

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and muscular power were normal, there was very slight inco-

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William F. James, captain and asst.-surgeon. Vols., recently ap-

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by evaporation, was found to be an oil quite similar to that from yolk of

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It is after the habit has become fully established that the

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years of age, whose voice had been lost for seven weeks.^

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dancing the fantasia, etc., and for days talking of noth-

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Agriculture, to which was referred the memorial of Dr. H. Perrine, late

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marized as follows: 1. Prevention by the exercise of the most

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notoriety is medical matters, inviting reporters to clinics, etc.,

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necessary to adopt in the statement of his opinions, the reader cannot fail to

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MItteilungen a. d. Grenzgeb. d. Med. und Chir. (Jena),

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is to be hoped that ino^fl^l^^ltV&VJvJ'^lfestory

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foreign medical literature for the year 1S37; classified under ihe heads —

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strength, but is always preferable under favorable conditions.