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joint itself was slightly swollen and stiff, but not pain-
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whooping-cough than bronchitis ; the sudden spasmodic asthma, the itching of
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on specimens in our herbarium. Plants reported as in the
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the blood into the tissues, as already mentioned. It is obvious
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the best we have at present, and he is certain of the correctness
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among the sage brush in moist valleys; Laramie Hills, April and
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For an exsiccator glass, such as chemists use for drying objects, a moist sponge
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j Defects " forms no exception to the truth of the above statement ; it is,
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explanation be, that these two complaints, when they coexist, stand
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s^^frll^lni-If^^H^^'V'^'"''""' centers, and thus through its influence On the circulatory system,
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seen what a negation it is ofphysUSf as well as of medidne.
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reach the periphery. May not some of these fibres also terminate in
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One felt safer with the trachea open, realizing that
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tity of a suspension of the brain or spinal cord of a rabid dog they
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In one such case I have had success by using a very fine brass tube
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of paying for the horses must be settled before the patient is moved.
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3d. By chloroform we are able to regulate the degree to
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the problem, such as moisture, soil and exposure that its
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tracted on one side only, such unilateral spasm being
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or four hours in the following form : — -I^ Quin. sulph. vel hydrochlor.
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the obliteration of the tied vessel, as in other cases, and to per-
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lithotomy was the most natural and easiest operation. In cases
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cure has been shown to result from the injections. His results, how-
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smallness of the surface percussed : as the plessigraph is touched
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It is the unconscious memory of the material organization.
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persistent treatment. Outbreaks of periostitis were
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pated, or by some other means makes his blood impure, it be-
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is made. They form thin, flat plates, of an oval or pyriform outline, and
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“God’s finger touched him, and he slept.” — Alfred Lord
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Candler 157 The Duty of the Medical Profession Concerning
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sion over the region of the abdomen yielded a dull sound, yet
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right heart, and is in comparatively small amount in the vena cava in the
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The communication and circular were then read by the Secretary.
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