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Table 2. Equivalencies of the Most Common Analgesics
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" 4. Traumatic ostitis (i.e., traumatic inflammation of the bone-tissue proper)
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of the profession will be to teach truth, to encourage worth, and to
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which is probably caused by commencing decomposition of the
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officers was nominated from the floor and elected by ac-
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accident is quite probable in the hands of an inexpert
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the modes of entrance into the body, although it is presumed that the
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fulfilled by making the patient inhale the vapour of hot water
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employed it in capsular and membranaceous cataract. His
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1S72. ^' Kyle, Philad. Med. Journ., 1898. ^9 Deleau, Revue Med., 1827.
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for healing all bodily infirmities: but they drew some-
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The established disease. — There are three cardinal symptoms : redness
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buildings, designed by the late Sir G. Gilbert Scott, were
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connected with the large vessels and the pleurae. In order to
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able facility in its management. — London Med. Record, March 15, 1880.
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11. Chrostowski. Ruptures of the Spleen in General, and Two Such Cases
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seen in consultation with physicians from neighboring
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substances lead to inflammatory and 'necrotic processes in
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of any relation between the pathological states recognized by them as occurring in two
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effect. There are two things to especially recommend the use
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hour began to lick its forepaws, as though there was some
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reall}' serviceable, has been a belladonna plaster over the region of the heart,
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of all symptoms, in enabhng us to ascertain the seat and progress of
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does not give the medical student the method of taking an accurate
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- " Text- Book of Physiology," edited by Schafer, vol. ii. jj. 37.
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chronic inflammation. It is remarkable that no enlargement
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Erismann*^ found in his investigations as high as 42 per cent, of myopia
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of the bacteria ordinarily found in the month act in this way.
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moan without a tongue } Look into his mouth, and you will find that
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was not a very evident predisposing cause to this disease. Diffe-
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lequration, or of extravasation of blood into the brain, or of general
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specting his crime and would not talk of the trial or
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instant release in the gray matter Whatever its source, it must be held
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taining progress in the equally important missions of education and research
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