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Inflammation of the nerve may come on slowly or occasionally almost sud-
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below the ganglion. These divide and unite with one another
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agency had a direct reference. To prevent the discovery of its
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the work that has been done at the City hospital in this direc-
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Culture Media Recommended for Leptospira icterohcemorrhagicB.
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Oau. E. WilloD. Oblo^ G». Uimlila, Oblo: Juno H. >'nnklln. B. H.;
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cylinder having a plane base, the internal diameter of which is
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physicians and will work with the resident and fellow in charge, as well as the attending
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him still at Berlin on the day of his apotheosis, as he sat in the
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be rectified. When speaking of gunshot wounds of the intestines,
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sidered the affection as a definite one which was iuoc-
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lu order to illustrate this, let me call your attention to
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strewed over them. — Prevention — Mr. VVm. Minge, (of James
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membrane, which contains glands and lacteals. These
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culatory apparatus. It does not. therefore, seem re-
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building in any of the sinks or laboratories, nor in any
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delay bled in the foot ; Quo faffo, paroxyfmi hyfterici
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essential factor of the disease. A fourth prominent symptom
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Resection, as a primary operation for penetrating gunshot wounds
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neurotic adolescents as really pathological mental phenomena. I
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select. According to Oppler, a larger amount of urea is present in
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and has seen so many saved by the timely use of the iron injection, that he is
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in establishmg the new canal, should he be fortunate enough
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A university, to have any right to such a title, must
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It has long been established that nitrogen metabolism, in exoph-
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sonal history : Well up to five years ago ; first child at twenty years,
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to be abandoned when Kupfer proved that the kidneys are]
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new thing are apt to be buried and lost* sight of in the heap of
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ing or unlocking the whole serous tissue of the intestinal