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the body calomel does not to any appreciable extent go into solution
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the contrary, absorption takes place with tissues which are homogen-
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knee, thigh, and upper douches with full and half bath
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travelling for several weeks in the winter season, although much
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fevers and septic conditions, and also as a palliative measure in
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may, as I have foimd by experiments on rabbits, possess marked loxic
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health succeeded, and at last, well nigh worn out, he sought
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Voted, That the hours of meeting of the Association, shall
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Army horses. Climate, breed, stable management, and many
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Assistant Surgeon, U. S. Public Health and Marine-Hospital Service,
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there were all the objective and subjective indications
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Jean B. Prince, Eug. Verret, Henry Lemire, Geo. Migneault, Alf.
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in the lung, the surfaces of the pleura having become adherent, the ulcerative
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tion and degeneration ; and in most morbid processes we find these side
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Ward's Island Insane Asylum, 211; laparotomy for pelvic perito-
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'595 7 1 Avebury, Sir J. Lubbock, Lord. Monograph of the
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was wide (2 to 17 years). Nearly half of the mothers (45.8%)
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sumed is so badly adulterated and also that it is illicitly obtained,
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the apices was produced by parenchymatous disease which we
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The possibility of pseudocyesis should, therefore, never be lost sight
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by M. Bally, with the salicine, prepared by M. Leroux, is related in La Cli-
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ture of air is necessary to the production of, at least.
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ries. Many of the abstracts are illustrated, and each
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I can recall in which valuable time was lost. I do not
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be observed in many diseases of the urinary organs, and espe-
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formations and monstrosities of the sama But I made a huge mis-
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votes and appropriations necessary for the adoption or
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conditions (malaria, uraemia, grave anaemia,|carbon monoxide poisoning, etc.),
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