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Two general types of fans are used in securing forced ventilation,
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endeavor interest us? — a great endeavor which has
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which if possible should be done in continuity near the pelvic wall
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These and other like questions demand consideration.
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he successfully trephined his favorite hound, who had suffered a
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to grow darker, and his strength seems gradually failing. His bowels
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the skin and tunica vaginalis. Ninety grains is the maximum
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he said in his notes, "Three days after the operation the patient did die
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X-ray treatment were likely to be of much benefit to the patient.
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vitreous humor. This may occur in any quantity from a few
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tism and never in any other disease; the inference is that the excess of
ferment is the active principle in rennet, is very power-
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usually sells for $1.50) will be sent upon receipt of Fifty Cents with the applica-
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prevalence of sleeping sickness far in the interior of the continent.
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can make good bread. In the great lottery of matrimony,
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vagus nerve; this irritation may be in the nose, throat, bron-
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the bleeding by placing its hand on the wound, or dressing it with
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for the task they had assumed; those who, securing a diploma in
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excitement, as diseases of the circulatory system, respiratory
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rity from me to do any such thing; and I claim to be
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A sulijcct in which an axis existed on the brachial at the lower part of the
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outside of a living body. A facultative parasite is one whose ordinary mode
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Case XIX. — Medullary Carcinoma of the Rifjht Lung.
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the effect upon brain and spirits. It is like the exhilaration wrought
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In the performing of ovariotomy, or any abdominal section,
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ing which he received one drachm of solution of carbolic acid,
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nesia will purge after it has passed into the blood, has been
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All the cases of condylomata which had a broad base were touched as occa-
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No. 38. — The influence of antitoxin upon post-diphtheriti(t paralysis. By M. .1.
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well ; still, until they are accustomed to it, it is as well to limit
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by the patient beyond the presence of slight nasal discharge.
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freshly passed, had a yellow colour, on standing beeame darker and finally
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tions, because, of course, no one could see them make their exit. In
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ized into a permanent, hard mass, which is known to medical men