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these cases the author concludes that suggestion has a favorable influence
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cotton blanket with loops sewed in the edges, is usually employed;
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follow the symptoms which marked the whole course of the
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rcme.'ly for 0{jsf;;/Kte constipation of the Bowels end
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and we regret that the editors should have failed to receive from the
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are comprised matiy Diuretics, Diaphoretics, and Purgatives,
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transitory mental derangement (two da}'s' duration) before
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Pathology. This disease has long been the cause of great
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pass her hand over the gentleman's arm, merely, but should not
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The day-laborer K., on December 1, 1867, when he passed 1,250 c.c. of urine,
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though the toll they exact among the most helpless, the most trusting
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believe as far as my own observations guide me, that in the vast majority
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ends with this one feature, and differentiation should always be
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Corps, Veterinary Reviejv, The Indian Jozirnal of Medical Research, Agricultural Research
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osseous substance was found when cut into. In one of the
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it might have done, even with the restricted powers given to it
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addition of rectified spirit. It is necessary to point out the limits of
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have each recorded one such case, and I have recorded another. Though
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time without putrefaction, and without loss of its antu-abic virtue. In
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in the upper part of the leg woimd. The great sciatic nerve was then
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being equal ; it has been estimated that a muscle con-
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3. George Beriah Bouton, New Haven, on " Abortion.''
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Its membership is confined to those who are actively or
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\m inquiry into Its causes, hy revealing to us the difficulties to be over -
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20 to 30 minutes. The supernatant fluid is then poured off and the sediment is
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drop when the child recovered, but continued elevated. To make
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At first concerned almost solely with the control of epidemic and
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tected. The milk first drawn yielded but negative results bac-