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produces a distinct increase in the excretion of carbonic acid. The

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to adopt a purely expectant .system. They administered sub-

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The study of well-taken case histories giving sufficient details

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absorbed without causing suppuration, devised what he

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vinced of the genuineness of the apparition, and was

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anaphylactic reaction, but suggests differences between the proteii

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per cent, of a uric acid calculus, the solvent power of the solution gradually

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and replaced by the same number of calves. The animals sold

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longer visible, the parietes of the cells are not only thickened, but

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1849, and declined being a candidate for re-election.

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similar condition. 3. As it may serve to explain some cases of

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is walking at the time, he stops, sits down or may perhaps fall

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and 2018 died of wounds, the large number of 13.250 died of

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and there is no doubt but that the priapism, following

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tion of Supplies to Troops. — Gen. R. A. Blood, Drs. Morton

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bundles could be traced directly to the diseased ganglion-cells

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Among them there have been several of peritonitis, in

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iodoform mixture was used, the canula was surrounded

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Hogs used for packing purposes are well fed and watered from three to five

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would influence the quantity of diastase in the feces. Boldyref?^* has

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of the necessary oxygen. Nitrifying bacteria are not found

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tures and the ends cut short. After all bleeding has stopped a

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desire full explanation. To better understand the ef-

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Edinburgh during his regime was frequented by students from all quarters of the

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blood more highly arterialized through the agency of the chlorate of

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Patlwlogy of elephmtokl disease.— -Seeing that these various aff"ections

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dealing exclusively with antenatal disease and deformity and with

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study of the blood in the fresh condition and the enumeration and