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be introduced, or of home growth; it may be heter-intoxicant
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Thus, gentlemen, ends my tribute to the memory of him who
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form) that I, with malice aforethought, not having th*
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"Twenty, Jimmie, twenty; don't you stretch things so. I
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Kinnicutt, of New York ; a third contribution to the
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vania, and published in the Medical News of the 15th instant. Prof.
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nity is on many occasions attended with great difficulty. In exa-
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work is eminently practical Some veterinary works are so teoh-
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reason that the term sepsis is used too indefinitely,
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1 Fowls Nos. 508 and 509 died from ingesting the virus of this disease. No. 480 was
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Dr. H. BouUand, thinking that tannin — which acts on the re-
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Alezais proposes the employment of cocaine as a local
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64.2 hours; in series B : for the apical piece (20 mm.) 69.0, and for the
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accompanied by intense posterior pericystitis, and urinating every
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kind for yourselves. A tired body or mind cannot do its best work.
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altogether nii:e or ten in number. During the last three years her health
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also is not very uncommon as a result of influenza. In the majority of cases
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quoniam probare conati fumus , unguentum armarium effe donura
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ridge over so that they meet at the center of the strip, and then fold one
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because of the many good results derived from them they are likely
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exuded blood, while the medulla varied from a reddish gray to a deep
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many of the special journals, and within a short time
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(a) A true aneurism has a sac composed of one or more arterial coats.
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of their non-identity are that neither chicken-pox and variola nor
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periphery, where they have the form of the fully developed cells. In all
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contained viscera before they break, and serious lesions
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seen in badly-fed cattle. The disease runs its course in twelve
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41 Medical Student Diplomacy: Report on a Journey to the Soviet Union
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universities of the Middle Ages, and the view is abso-