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but in consequence of the emaciation of the body and of the fact that in
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The ligaments should now be pulled upon to their full
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1-U04. No precipitate falls on the addition of chloride
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tions in the cause, exert some influence upon the structure and
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measles, which may also at times be wheal-like, resembling urticaria. The
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he rather chofe, and that very judicioufly, to admi-
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Dr. Silver added that he considered the application of the
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much the same. The expenditure of labor, which has so long
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Accident or negligence caused 3 deaths, one being that of
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channels, or by indirect invasion through the blood
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month, as before, and collect the saliva as it runs from the end of the
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iii: ii-, L W., passed assistant surgeon. Ordered to the
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tritis." Furthermore, the author is able to tell the probable duration
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sixty thousand dollars for every dozen years' prac-
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tumour. This I have seen ; and, moreover, after ablation of the cere-
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in the medical returns, viz. 3 remittent fever, 1 continued fever, 1 inter-
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3 it was 40.6 ^ ; for 1894 it was 42.3 ^ ; for 1895 it
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but if we are to have peace in this world among the nations, as we have
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duct into which it is to be introduced. Be thought it
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of vitality may be sufficient to prevent conception altogether ; or it
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Stew the macaroni till tender in a pint of water to which
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were cured, about 30 per cent, were relieved, and in the remainder
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Benedict's recent investigation 2 includes one case which must be
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next Monday, I will inclose the replies from those of the 1871 class known
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therapeutics. Salt, sulphur, and bran baths are used ;
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dealing exclusively with antenatal disease and deformity and with