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prevented pneumothorax. The patient made a good recovery. A three-per-
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view, it is yet a large expenditure per capita in comparison with the
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Medicinalcomit^s an derUniversitat Miinchen. Mit 188 Holzschnitten im
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now fitted into the tube, and it be placed as before, the ticking will be
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Hospital is $5.00, which is procured from the Warden at the Hospital.
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phorus ; while cut straw, potatoes, and several other " inferior "
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14 was the coldest, — 10® below; the coldest for 24
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mountain system reaches an elevation of 8280 feet. Numerous rivers
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both internal and external were larger than usual. There was no blue •
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derness this symptom has a greatly increased value,
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in the air was sufficient to prevent the odor of decay in a
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alleged to have referred to the prosecutor as a " medical prosti-
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no such variety ; the only differences are in the number of the fits and
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decidedly on the increase, the increase being most apparent among
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its use for the introduction of nourishment ; that every attention must be paid,
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as would be gathered from the figures given by some writers.
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devise a scientific classification of symptoms. In view of its amplification the author affirms
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scope iu 18'.)3. His closing thoughts were, that no
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in the dorsal region and then to stimulate the cortex and measure
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eruption of miliary tubercles in the vocal cords, followed by
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recognizable by all, but the benefits, both direct and indirect, accru-
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I am supported by the weighty authority of Liebermeister.
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heard in country villages. In the United States the
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operative methods, however, Banunstedt recommends a modified
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agents; for concentrated acids and alkalies act on it more powerfully than
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emphysema without any abnormality of inspiration or expira-
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not the case. We should come nearer the txxith did we
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likely conversation, extreme anxiety, or patient refusal.
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circular portion of the bowel, which was necrosed be-