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Langley. Chemistry: Boscoe's "Lessons in Elementary Chemistry;"
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cut off the blood supply to the lumbar cord almost completely, a paralysis
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by statistics. Erb was able to find a history of syphilis, with secondary symp-
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9. Chlorate of Potassium. — Lethal poisoning has been noted in children
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written reports of ten surgical cases (not being those taken for the
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at legist's minutes.' ^^^^'"^ ^uKacei cf the Mulpment are steamed for
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study should be arranged as f oUows : Fi/rst yea/r — ^Anatomy, Physiology,
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The paralysis is not perfectly symmetrical. There is also paralysis of the ex-
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Of the various elements of food, the albuminoids should be diminished least
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pensation to the amount of Bs. *?i per mensem will also be allowed.
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Practical Chemistry and Metallurgy ; one course of lectures on Materia^
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Fees for Medical Cvrriculum. — ^The perpetual fee for hospital prac-
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In the larger nerve trunks and plexuses the changes are usually much less
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the public examination cannot be re-admitted until the next half-yearly
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very uncertain, both in anaesthesia of the skin and of the deeper parts, the
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.Sc J iJ2!****If ^^^'^J" ^^''^^^ any app^dable to^tect early
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preparation for practice in the specialty. This preparation includes the clinical study of
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description of gout. He himself suffered from the disease for about forty
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attract the patient's attention, and which should therefore always suggest to a
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304. Externship Chicago Lying-in Hospital Out-Patient Clinic. — A course given in
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ments, viz. — ^First year, £45 ; second year, £45 ; third year, £40 ; or
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of Doctor m MidAoifery candidates must have passed the examination
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may have tried to carry on. His methods of life and his diet must be regu-
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portance; it also takes ven r much time and demands intelligence, patience,
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The chronic form of alcoholic ataxia, the special pseudo-tabes of alcoholic
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affects the motor fibers of the antero-lateral tracts in their entirety. More-
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affections, dysentery, etc. ; but there is also a primary acute ataxia, which
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des Enf ants Assistes ; one course of Ophthalmic Medicine at rH6tel
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treatment of diseases of the eye and the ear, under the care of a