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A, glucose, 100 gm. in 300 c.c. of water; B, water, 150 cc.

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pass during this last legislative session, but had it passed

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change was in the pulse and mouth. The former, which was

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The averge number of worms from these six it be more frequent in children than adults,

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with a “lockout interval” of 6 minutes. Some devices

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and stop the anesthetic, but if in spite of all, respiratory paralysis supervenes,

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the corpus striatum, it will be convenient to discuss in somewhat greater

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I must not omit to mention that a congenital hydrocephalus is often

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the subclavian artery and goes down beside the trachea to the root

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course of ages. A definite history of family insanity can

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flammation of the stomach, the intestines, the spleen, the liver,

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tion, 10 years ; severity, 2. [Five sittings ; complete relief.*] Hay

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as yet rest upon a well established basis and the results"

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Anthvs tririalis (L.). — Erithacus hiscinia (L.). — Ruticilla

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that the essential features of the Halstead operation and Bassini's

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Crystallization No. 1 : The dry weight of the specimen was 0.0997

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stomach. It causes inflammation, diarrhea, wasting, and

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small round cells, and red blood cells, oedema, and an extensive invasion

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a period of starvation. In this instance, therefore, there

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through the disintegration and oxidation of its tissues. What

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nothing incompatible with the neuron concept, w-hile

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duced by diffused lesions of the cortex. As exemplified in acute

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the nostrils were somewhat excoriated. The introduction of

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the attendants that the eyes can be kept free from any

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not considered here. I wish to discuss certain functional disturbances,

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been placed upon the bench in 1S6.\ he played an active and

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Article IX of its By-Laws: "Medical Colleges belonging to this Association shall publish

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Dr. Rodman (Septic Pneumonia Resulting in Gangrene): On Decem-

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A hand -Book of Ophthalmic Science and Practice.. By Henry E. Juler, F. R.C. S.,

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Scotland, shows a slight rise which commenced with the institution of

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tangible evidence on this point. At the suggestion of Dr. Ales Hrdlicka,

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a large, living boy. No threatening of convulsions.

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bluish-red swelling. There was constant severe pain in the region of the swelling, es-

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These, which for descriptive purposes we may term " cardiac

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per diem with quarters, or, when quarter.s are not provided, with the usual

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ceration of the above prisoners is an important factor ; for the liability to