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should be received into special wards in hospitals rather than

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the head and neck and upper part of the trunk, minute extravasations of

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of infections of the urinary tract, respiratory sys-

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they would not be erased from that printed Register if they were still on the manuscript

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stomach contains moi-e or less of the whey-like material of the cholera-

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patient, too, was fasting ; and the examination was not made early but

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sation naturally turned to the condition of each other's health. Says

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in cases of secondary contracted kidney in which there is from time to time

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still able to attend to her ordinary household duties.

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of whose diseases my attention has been principally

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Angelica. The root, in powder or infusion, is a warm tonic.

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He loses flesh from the first, and sometimes presents the appearance of a walking

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method that can insure that the inspection shall be satis-

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Sanitai-y Matters in Congress. — The National Miiseum. — Pre-

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almost black in color, situated at some portion of the edge of the parasite

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per cent over 1947 ; thus, 87.5 per cent of the Blue Cross

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needed? Will it mitigate the penalties for failure or misfor-

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hardly excessive. Irregular pyrexia was noted in one case (Cautley)

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tion in May, 1891, the result of which was a resolu-

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roses, epilepsy, and hysteria being psychological causes),

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