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so that the symptoms are those of a pure ataxic aphasia (without sensory

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fourths of an inch and to the extent of about two square inches.

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die in coma and convulsions. Convalescence may be very slow and pro-

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found after death in the membranes although during life there were no

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nounced. Vomiting is usually present in the beginning, and may occur

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Although the term pulmonary tuberculosis indicates the seat and cause

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from venous thrombosis, and cardiac failure, are the usual causes of

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duce or increase the convulsion. If the patient can swallow, the potas-

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of suffering and distress. It is very doubtful whether blisters have any

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neuritis is apt to be accompanied by excessive pain, and in some cases is

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from the anus, than to irritate the many feet of small intestine above the

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a jaundice, a moderate careful treatment in accordance with the principles

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impacted faeces, and enteroliths. The enteroliths are composed in con-

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arteries, or of the aorta at the origin of these arteries, and in old age, the

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locomotion, soreness and stiffness of the muscles, numbness, and tingling

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ing the face, arm, and leg. The facial palsy is rarely sufficiently complete

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the Continent of Europe as a stimulant. Musk certainly has a distinct

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of the inflammation opaque-yellow streaks and clots indicate pus, and

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in the raising of a small quantity of dense opaque gray mucus. In con-

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although sometimes from rupture of the aneurism into the pericardium

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disinfected, and that all body- or bed-linen and every garment with

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important and peculiar symptoms more or less characteristic of tetany,

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only as will relieve pain. All laxatives by the mouth are to be avoided

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sclerosis is significant. Attention has already been called to the possi-

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depression and even pronounced melancholia with depressive delusions.

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to be bacterial, and since several varieties of bacteria are to be found in

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pseudo-membranous enteritis, in which the inflammation is accompanied

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An article on cholera, from the pen of one whose reputation and

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is more likely to be connected with pyloric cancer. The vomit is sour,

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seems helpless for further work than mere isolation ; actually she may

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toms of collapse, the skin being covered with a cold sweat and the pulse

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or from a blow, are of etiological importance in at least one-third of

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of the neck is often so painful that the spine is kept rigid. There is

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weakness, and the ever-increasing repugnance to meats produced by a

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in his first communication, one- third ended in resolution. The statistics

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sweats and prostration, delirium or stupor, and a rapid and weak pulse,

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even of the external ear or of the Eustachian tube may produce vertigo

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