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gave to it the name of the triple tire-balle or tribulcon. 28 A
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ticed by many visitors. One serious infraction only, that
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detected, the case would have been regarded as a protracted
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six hours. The results of these experiments are summarized in Table 1
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dilatation of the air-cells comes on insidiously, but progresses
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Fig. 100. Three crescents attached to one corpuscle. This showed better in
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drops of black drop, at one dose, was followed by sleep in thirty mi-
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very lethargic, with widely-dilated and motionless pupils, and was for several
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sated in cholei-aic disease, and that the conditions that prevail
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(2) Eegarding the increase, we should know the propor-
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tumor is fourteen and five-eighths inches that of the
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A comparison of the histologic picture of sections of normal
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evident in the motile than in the resting amoeba ; indeed Kruse and
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condition therefore, if present, is of much importance in
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and apparently they always originate in the cortical portion, and only
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drawn to the left. Right hand paralyzed and right side paretic. Sensa-
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cytes). The haemoglobin was 40 per cent. On the 27th of June the
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specks; long, slightly flattened, tapering toward each end,
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possibility that the excretion of water by the kidney requires energy
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tion (cotton and oil) from the two surviving men, and the application of the
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through several channels — first, acute infection, infect themselves from
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of her insane as she should do, the counties, each for its own, must,
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symptom of one or more of the following ; is apt to increase the irritability and vascu-
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Sydney,* on " Electric Light Asthenopia," in which he
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with similar results, sometimes combining seven and
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headway can be gained. Do we not feel rather ashamed that our Dom-
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by careful study of the works of the great authors named. The
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lamiine would detect no hemorrlia<;e outsid<' the dura,