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are apt to occur, and to remedy this j\I. Peter has found lotions
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In making a diagnosis in an individual any of the other infectious diseases. A
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may become half an inch or more in diameter. In some cases
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This introductory lecture, which is supplemented by a syllabus
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The Lime and Iron salts are also supplied as 5-grain tablets, bearing the imprint "E. Schering".
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intense fever, being alleviated. I can but point out what may
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moderate doses the whole process terminates so rapidly that
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ization of the individual, almost every organ and texture of the
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Simultaneously the development of local symptoms was arrested
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the symptoms in the fatal case reported to him : —
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Please note that Essence and Elixir Pepsin contain o
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Synonyms. Relapsing fever of equines ; pernicious anae-
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morphia was given hypodermically, and the bromide of
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plied, without diminishing the mean duration of the disease ; these
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Secretary. Carolina, for the past five or six years. I