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the heart. The imminence of such a danger would instantly rouse

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Of the adult form there is a slight variety which I have observed

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stirred in half a wineglassful of water three times a day.

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Three times a week the patient should have a sulphur bath, the maxi-

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a longer pause constitute the pulsus trigeminus. Combinations of

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40. Steudemann, K. : Phagozytose in der Milz. Folia haematol., 1914. xviii, 140.

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Case 4 (P. B. B. H., Med. No. 4316).— A woman, aged 48, was given a

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and by those of CoUignon into that of head-form in that country. More-

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nized wherever encountered by their ability to take vital stains. It

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Fig. 18. — Neurasthenia; paretic stage, showing feeble action of the heart and undistended arteries.

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urgency of micturition. The ataxia was greatly lessened, being practically

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noticeable. During the outbreak stomatitis is present, and reaches its

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part of the enema is retained, the bowel being perfectly tolerant of it.

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The obstruction of the thoracic duct by the parent worm filaria

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Gauthier, from his analysis, found that of 71 cases, but 3, that is,

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In spite of the large number of papers which have been written

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sodium chlorid, while the daily output of urine on an intake of 2,500

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that when it was filled with blood and held vertically the column would

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will rest after meals ; he will abstain from all heart stimulants, alco-

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restless, and interrupted, but vomiting did not recur until the next

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our assays, being equivalent to a little less than 16 minims of a good

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large doses have been given, the heart's action is increased in fre-

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sections on Streptococcus viridans, endocarditis, on thrombo-angeitis obliterans,

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A child may then inherit " scrofula " without the bacillus, or the bacillus

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tion. One (Case 3) had a very low index. This was a patient who

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the joints are limited by it. Thus the patient may no longer be able

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He died with chronic bowel trouble, and the neighbors say he had erythema and

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The observer must now compare the disease-map, and its remarkable

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