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extent of the tumour until the parts are exposed at the operation.

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well-known case of Colonel Townshend related by Dr. George

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to which was usually added a small amount of dextrose. The rate

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Of these three, Dr. Leeds further adds, ''The objectionable feature in all this

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the letters of the book he reads do not appear to him inverted. Hence it is plain that

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Annual as a work of reference for practitioners is fully maintained.

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I think Dr. Kelly said he operated on a thousand cases of retroversion

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1869.] Db Moboan on the Treatment of Tetarme. . 361

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masses and pigment-masses. The theory of the development of

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In the beginning twelve attempts at inoculation with mosquitoes which

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should like to point out very briefly what to my mind is the

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in mild cases it subsides during sleep. The mild cases don' t seem to pro-

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