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surgeons, finally, are persuaded that the removal of this muco-sanguinolent fluid

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Dental Legislation. . ... „ ^, ^ c ^ • j_ ->• i

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frontal bone. The Pacchionian bodies are unusually prominent, causing

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w^hale oil one ounce, and oil of sweet almonds the same quan-

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treatment just recommended. Cicatrization is sometimes pro-

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an effort to keep as near the normal temperature as possible,

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improve the race. Eat slowly ; take plenty of time, and let the thoughts

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in the blood. Xor are we justified in speaking of the fat deposits

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sires to use the muscles voluntarily. With the progress of

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Peabody, Essex (South Danvers, 1855 ; Peabodp, 1868), 9028 — Foster.

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ferred by the perusal of what I have said about pork, commencing

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Dog Z, weight 4.50 kilos, received, on June 27, 1918, 2.2 cc. per kilo of Serum

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by aspiration, and all the patients recovered without operation. In

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Institute several years ago extreme dyspnoea was about the only

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This complication is likely to arise again in other

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went forward into the battle where the dead and wounded were

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knowledge was the discovery of the circulation of the blood by

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of the fibula to the middle of the front of the ankle-joint (Fig. 556).

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Mr. CoNOLLY Norman,^ of the Richmond asylum, Dublin

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an average of from 8 to 10 beats' rise in the frequency of the pulse

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dorsal vertebrae ; recovery. Medical Circular, London, 1853, Vol. 1,

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logic, and reproductive systems. Confirmation of inter-

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cury (F. 54) ; arsenic (F. 52) ; aconite (F. 330) ; guaiacum and

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Bark. hi the, form of decoction, conjoined with galangal, it

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humanity, are the first essentials of the medical missionaiy

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value of Jewish surgery. The Old Testament is our record of

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To the Editor: Tick-borne relapsing fever is contracted

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