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was a disease of the spleen; the liver was the seat of

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is said to have averaged ten deaths to every room in the house,

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ment of Surgery, UMDNJ-Rutgers Medical School, P.O. Box 101

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tion of the chest will usually reveal a more extensive dulness

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affected, but that the lungs^ stomachy and other organs may

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men at the Salpetriere are not calculated to inspire

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feed upon the proteins of man's body. This means that it can con-

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prise : (i) mechanical cleaning, (2) currents of steam, and (3) the

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"In the first phase of the affection, we followed the develop-

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It is be-st given dissolved in simple water, although

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work, he was suddenly attacked with nausea, thirst, and an ex-

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sults are generally not long delayed. Gottschalk has

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Deformities after Abscess of the Septum Narium, and after

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they terminate in the muscular coat of the pial arteries

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few medical men of the present time still believe in its syphilitic nature :

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stomach, the withdrawal in large measure from the direct and concentrated

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Senac says, it is impossible to establish, in a matter

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gestion, exudation, and phlogosis. I cannot too emphatically protest

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made of pure rubber, with a coil spring moulded or imbedded in the stem, which gives it rigidity enough to

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