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noticed in the numbers of this Journal for.Tuly, 18G8, p. 225, and January, 1870,
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relations, of mutual interchange of materials, is not a marked
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adminiiitered by inhalation in painful surgical operations.*
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independently of the presence of cells, and is tested by mixing with the
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the women's clubs and similar organizations in this education
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of Lucretius and in other ancient classical writers,
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greatest importance. They should be swept out by repeated
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amputation 15 times on the bones of the leg, 6 times on the femur,
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failed to grasp the exact meaning of such phrases as " anthropino-bio-
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adjacent; and when the sirocco blew from the coast of Africa, the effect
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from which few adult males have been spared He also announces the newly-
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stomach cerat, or bread dipped in hot wine ; or take oil of
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some connection, however, is well established by clinical experi-
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conditions in which we have an actual increase in the
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examinations and the investigation of heart disease — ^first by means of
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ciency of liquor amnii, the result will be, in the fe-
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The lesions generally occur in the ileum, caBcum, colon, and rectum.
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of this subject to classify the various cases of loss of power of ex-
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