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that an operation may efi'ect a complete «ure, or, at
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sterilized instruments, a piece of rusty hair-pin after
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manner to e^lore. Commencing with the faradic current, in order
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pelvis is now recognized. Even when the rules ordi-
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The doses may be repeated in fora- hours if the temperature has again
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The whole interior should be lined with chamois skin.
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strup's accepted metamorphoses, and only gives the resemblance
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• Aspirin, 325 mg, should be given at least one day
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sighting drills, gallery and range practice, the latter being
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soluble diffusible toxin, but which have poisons either
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after abortions, and after injections into uterine cavity. As the explanation
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ness where they touch on pathology, with the view that these all are not
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enough for posterity to bequeath to it a history of the times in which he
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strength of myocardial contractions) In patients already receiving digitalis, the positive ino-
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piping, with harsh breath sounds, a slightly dull note, and no change in the
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Hon. Dr. W. F. Roberts, Minister of Health, New Brunswick.
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too, as have been the cases of febrile albuminuria which have
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gas, which collects at the top of the closed arm. The formation
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fibrinous, semi-cruoric clots had evidently been formed during tlie
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'• Not only are the muscles themselves benefited by
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rhage. Patient's pulse sixty-eight, and of fair strength. About two
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couple of bands of ordinary bandage, and the hand and forearm
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