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" All slaughtering of the diseased or suspected animals, or the
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hole made in escaping, the new projectile affords the worst injury. In
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Figs. 53 to 57. Dark-field views of the leptospira. Figs. 53, 56, and 57 are
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in most all parts of North America, are such as to pro-
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evacuation of the fluid by the bronchi, is known as a bronchial
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I nentratize the morbid fermentation ; or that it might simpljr
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lors of the National Hotel. York, Pa., on September 6, 1910.
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(Read before the Medico- Ohirurgical Society of Montreal.)
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kidney contained large vomicae filled more or less with caseous material.
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Wlien the seton needle is removed, the ends of the tape should
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not till some time in the course of the second week after it, when
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sixth the total weight of the body, weighing about 16
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It is very interesting to watch the changes that may
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scraped, any patch of necrosis on the cartilage cleared out, and the
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expensive. For this reason I tried to prepare a glycerine solution of arsenic.
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part or in the whole of one lung ; generally protracted respiration ; sometimes
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hypothetical explanation of change in the muscles, or nerve-endings, or
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able to move it with great agifity, and to pronounce even
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had previously been firm and of brown colour, and suddenly became whitev-grey, but there
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substitution of the ox for the purposes of agriculture,
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the wrong ear, and states tliat children liave l)een brought to him with the
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1. The History of Medical Education in America (Present Condi-
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Gyngecological Society held at Halle in May last, Schatz of
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The piles should be returned immediately after operation, and if
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drowsiness, often preceded by giddiness, dimness of sight, and pain
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stition, like Salem witchoruft, wnvod tiieir magiS^wand,
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'' The hypothesis that the affection is, primarily, one of the muscles, is
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known as Dermatophite, it flourishes luxuriantly. The disease is ordi-
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abdomen became distended : gas, at first inodorous and afterwards
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organised this morning (Tuesda^r, Feb. 2), at eleven o'clock,