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Chronic inflammation leads to fibrosis of the mucous membrane, to a

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formed, but it is the upper central incisors in which the changes are most

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condition of the patient than on the extent or stage of the disease in the

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these cases, there is a predisposition to disordered digestion. The onset

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fome eicharotics, or the knife. This fundus differs

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belonging to the group generally known as "Arthritis Deformans," that is to

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In the United States, Colorado Springs (6000'), with a climate in winter

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tococcic serum have also been reported by Birkhaug who concluded:

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1866, but not since. The last two European epidemics, although during

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the myositis, when it may be brought about by asphyxia from implica-

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expiration, an example has been given in the case of the cough of chronic

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variety of perihepatitis is of little clinical interest. Universal perihepatitis

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reflex disturbance of varied, while discrete, causation, in the protoplasmic

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ileum, the portal vein, or the urinary passages ; and, lastly, a fistula may run

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of this principle are possible, depending upon the frequency and the

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made cloth; but we were under a neceflity of buying Eng-

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protein "needs to be built up in the ox" for human consumption.

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below is infiltrated with leucocytes. It is evanescent, the eruption coming

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description of it), as a separate disease, belong to the French school.

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ferved as a ftallion to thirty-three, and was then difmiifed ; and

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chapter on diseases of the skin. Lichen urticaria and boils are also

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the peripheral circulation. With the exception of the last, none of these

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healthy; there were no enlarged epiphyses, but the ribs were slightly

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Gastric insufficiency. — The treatment of gastric insufficiency has

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as due to the deposit of lead, probably in the form of albuminate.

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winkle, of lion's foot, of fluellin, of ground-ivy,

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and technical treatment- are difficult, but these are cases well worth

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collection of neurilemmal tubes and the essential factor in nerve

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disease, especially the aorta and the cerebral arteries. The lesions affecting

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them contain a variable amount of coagulated fibrinous exudation, which