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strated by the precipitin reaction in the animal's urine. In Table II
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and dura mater with son^e difficulty separated ; turgescenoe
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Of the shot-gun it may be said that the wounds which it produces
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the actual disease itself, whether in the acute or in the chronic
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the apices was produced by parenchymatous disease which we
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ing force, and at the same time diminished the general arterial
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growth involves the fourth ventricle and produces a hydro-
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Two without surgical treatment (one T-fracture; one bullet wound).
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determine the class to which it belongs, I would propose that atten-
anafranil weight gain reviews
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A general myelitis or a disseminated myelitis may be diagnosed in cases
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" Four scrupulis of the pil. of Ruffus ar maist profitable, quhilkis beand tane oft befoir
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general view, that the bile plays an important part in the digestive process.
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sumend. bal. h. s. infus. lini lb. iii. in die. Nov. 2d. Some perspira-
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for grazing when such is available, though to do this does
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Counties — Carlton, Cook, Itasca, Lake, St. Louis.
biopsy of a palpable lesion on the left upper extremity was
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initial fever and the hsematuria are, as a rule, entirely wanting.
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of nitrite of amyl broken into a handkerchief and inhaled, will
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given by Miss Cole, expert in charge of the Social Hygiene Exhibit.
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Assistant Attending Psychiatrist, New York Hospital.
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before disinfecting the patient and for five minutes after, followed
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quicksilver extracted from it is as efficacious as killed
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within a short period of death. Of this I do not believe
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The oversight of contagious diseases treated outside of
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tion. In its application every principle is subject to
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Dr. F. W. Weston, Inspector B. A. I., Wichita, Kans., has
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dysmenorriioea, or amenorrhoea, and only once from monor-