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For Boots or Shoes. — 1. Paste. Ivory black, 1 tb., treacle,

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Patiebson, Ross V., M.D., Assistant Professor of Medicine, and Physician-in-

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§ 2. In consultations no rivalship or jealousy should be indulged ; candor,

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hypodermic syringe has become more common, the advantages of morphia are

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with silver. The latter is no doubt the correct reading.

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time without putrefaction, and without loss of its antu-abic virtue. In

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lesion in some was found to be hypenemia, in others punctate and larger

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form of amoebic dysentery ; but it is impossible to apply this statement

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sitenk., Jena, v. 14 (14), 10. Oct., p. 467. [W a , W m , W c .]

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The albumin may persist after the disappearance of the bacilli. On the

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fer to the portraits of the old physicians, and also to their ward-

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Carbolic and Acid Boracic, with the valuable addition of Golden

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the weight of the hand, we proceed to the shampooing. This is performed not only with the

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between 1st and 2nd phalanges. He paid little attention to the

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They vary in size from a pea to an almond; they are round or

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of the lower wall of the urethra, but he had not known

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as for the exclusion of disease, and its practical enforce-

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bladder, which seemed to be the seat of the severest

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April 18-23— Controversial Areas in General Surgery. UCLA at Hotel

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who knows and who is calm and reasonable should correct

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*Kead before the Massachusetts Eclectic Medical Society.

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24 hours. It is then transferred into lime-water (i

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any equipments the soldier may have on, unbutton his collar, and