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result. Eupture of an aneurysm within the chest, or on a mucous mem-
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If tbe bowels do not then move spontaneously, a full dose of castor oil may
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about adhesion of the tissues. During the first day or two, there will
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terin. The ingredients of biliary calculi are cholesterin, the coloring
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days. In old age the stages merge rapidly into each other; abscess
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Where erosion of the bones and destruction of the cartilages, with
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may be accompanied by a rattling sound in the trachea. There is great
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The salivary glands enlarge, become firm and tense, and assume a more
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fourth, the special and distinguishing characteristic of this growth is the
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may be incised, contused, lacerated, or punctured, as the case may be,
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oppression is often experienced in the chest, but pain is rarely present. In
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The cecum and appendix vermif ormis may in rare instances form a
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rapidly against a strong wind w^ill often cause such intense congestion and
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faryngos^e^'^'^""'"' ^^'^'^''''^''""'''"^^ tractiou of the abductors. The
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the etiology. Quinine is also generally considered preferable in surgical
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the bowel. Where there is obstruction to the circulation also, it consti-
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then it assumes a light yellow color, or occurs as white patches of varying
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dium, and indicate the previous existence of a localized pericardial inflam-
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nearly every description of article connected with it that can be imagined. A full
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it, have its walls approximated, but not united. True cicatrization of a
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which may have been the seat of fatty or granular change, disintegrates,
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teria taken in through Iho air or by means of food or drink and
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bright red color ; if the case is severe, oedema soon appears, the parts
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In cancer of the liver there is a history of a gradually developing ca-
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pies the most dependent portion of the pleural cavity ; it may, however, be
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of their anatoniieal structuro and the tension to which they are subject in
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colon, or gall-bladder, absolute rest must be insisted upon. In all cases,
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be. In abscess of the bone there likewise may be found great thicken-
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Etiology. — This affection may occur as a primary disease, or as a sequela
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it occurs in the old and feeble, it is always attended with danger, on ac-
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in the larynx, mucous membranes, rectum, etc. The treatment should
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to the observer. Inasmuch as the patient has no knowledge of the anat-
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discharges, and the latter do not have the- dysenteric odor which is so
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Certain diseased conditions, which render fractures more likely, may
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