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formation regarding the flow of blood through the viscera. It is, how-
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vertigo, with a sense of weariness, have been complained of. Such
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patients especially, are pretty generally recognised. Nevertheless, it must
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as any hitherto in use. It is also the safest mode of
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Digestive disturbances and faults of eating and drinking
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of muscles most affected, while in tetany it is the flexors,
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distance apart, upon greased baking sheets, and flatten them
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And he was logical enough to see the matter thus presented to his
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a popular rather than a technical subject. In a city like Ham-
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very earliest stages of its existence, who is to blame, — the
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the sick and dependent classes. A trust has been betrayed
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the abounding kindliness of spirit, which endeared him to all
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anatomy of labour (Barbour), in the anatomy of the Hoor of the
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The 'Descriptive Numerical Beturn,' the history of which I
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should be used: Two-fifths grain of strichnia, two ounces each
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copious ; the bowels are constipated ; there is a wasting of
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had passed through the press, new Orders dealing with Sheep Scabies
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that of the knife, is much more rapid than that of the ligature, and
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with molecules of other substances such as salts, sugar, protein, etc. ;
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in domestic life it is almost a tragedy; the nervous restlessness,
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Rabbits Nos. 436 and 437 inoculated subdurally with an
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and set up inflammation in the nervous tissue. The more decided
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and performed subordinate work. They lacked school-
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Nothing, he said, could be further from the truth. On the contrary, it is
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up the sale of drugs, and united with the apothecaries in opposing
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" felves acknowledge ; nor is this at all to be won-
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100° and 102° are considered as doubtful; all others
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take hold and lead in this work. In too many instances these