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test, which is a rough method but capable of yielding fairly

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both medical and operative, have from time to time been introduced,

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has shown that over fifty per cent, of the cases are septicaemic. The

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diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases. His first two books

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Pain in the head and vomiting are not uncommon. The patient

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Sponging must be done quickly in the intervals of the surgeon's

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died. A brief history of these cases may be of interest.

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most noted hotels in the district, the St. Lawrence Hall,

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bowel, every irregularity of the skin being carefully followed.

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raw oil, one pint; or brewers yeast, one quart, or epsom

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abattoir, in Auburn, where a post-mortem was held by Dr. W. f

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I heartily detest the petty bickering and jealousies, that seem to be

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Behind the upper half of the left kidney, occupying