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he prefers to sleep, and usually has a headache. When
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" Resolved, 1st, That the Council has observed with extreme regret the cus-
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9. Obstetrics : the Science and the Art. By Chablbb D. Mbios, M.D.,
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any particular hygienic influence on the body we firmly
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316 patients, 47 were under 5 years of age, of whom 28 died; 45 between 5
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by which the substance of the brain was exposed, occasionally healed, I thought
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membrane. A coated tongue is noted in so many differ-
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and discoloured parts of these decaying corpuscles. As it does not
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abundance ; it is rich also in orange-trees, and so various and
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fibrilla being surrounded by a somewhat thick layer of connec-
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succeed. The professor thinks version should not be attempted when
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ran him off to the pohce station. There he was chucked
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by special regard being had to the character and circumstance
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not cured at the third year it should be operated on.
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the uterus is still filled with the products of conception. When the uterus,
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miles around. In the early part of 1865 the misery of the people
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" 8. The diastole of the heart occurs in a sudden, sharp manner; it is so quick
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When I first saw the patient there was a slight concentric phthisis
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immense fibrous tumour is seen filling out the uterus, whose walls closely encom-
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more carefully regulating the heat a sublimate in very small granules
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be more accurately proved by calculation, that the bodily heat is for
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As apprehended by Dr. Maudsley, the term ''mind" is a
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termed "bronchial trouble" by the average patient, it
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roborated by Casper's authority, and the process came into more
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question. He (Dr. G.) had not as yet made any accurate calculation of the
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Hebd., No. 48. Patient died of hemorrhage.) — Pean. Case of
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celain capsules, having previously added to each a few drops of the solu-
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in healthy persons the changes may be observed half to three-quarters
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months and months until one day he accidentally broke
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ventricle, interrupted the communication between the fluid in the brain and
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color of the skin, the negro skin having most pigment and