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given for a long time. On August 30 pus was found in the urine but no albu-
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and one-half years. Landouzy declared that the condition was rather
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seizure of violent pain followed by rapid collapse, with tumultuous
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naturally within the scope of our observations. To avoid any possible
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Moore found a rupture of healthy muscle in the left ventricle near
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heart itself in mitral stenosis than in mitral insufficiency.
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In order to ascertain by means of feeding experiments the extent
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bated by the usual means, especially by rest, by the exhibition of
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Geographically, the distribution of systemic blastomycosis is wide,
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maturity, the period of prevalence of the originating maladies.
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chicken on Sundays, beef on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and beans
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which reveals itself in the rales heard over the postero-inferior aspect
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Table 2 shows the distribution of lesions in the different organs of
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is due to some other factor than that which is present in diabetes. The
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The larger doses are apt to produce gastro-intestinal disturbance and
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in absorption rather than an acidosis. Of the other tests the alveolar
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The table (p. 32) is full of instruction, and yields, on examination, some
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cases in which the ventricular complexes constantly show certain
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depressant. Morphine is best administered by hypodermatic injec-
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sively or chiefly at the point of projection of the auricle, while it
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quence of a coexisting insufficiency, but in the absence of this insuffi-
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this internal secretion is provided by the testes or ovary after puberty,
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disease, unless the calcium intake is very high. McCrudden and Fales 46
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