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lowing passage through the filter of objects otherwise

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1. Boeck. Monatsh. f. prakt. Dermatol. 1890, Bd. xi. S. 132.— 2. Idem. "Vier

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for about 10 minutes, tilting the slide about once a

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to be called spinal irritation in sufficient degree to call for active treat-

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dently been produced by causes which have acted on the child afterwards.

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the dreaded evils were was suggested by Dr. Broca, who,

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corporeal condition is good, and those in which it is below par — we shall

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those of pen-movement which betray chronic fatigue, and which, when

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how to furnish forth a bridal banquet was seldom untried

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matous nodules were developed upon it. I also saw an instance of this

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operators do not devote sufficient time to each operation. Thirty

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state of health in patients with eczema. I am in the habit of prescribing

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paroxysms of contracture come on ; this is the most characteristic pain,

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Leicester, York, and London, as cities that suffered incredi-

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Lichen scrofulosorum. — Definition. — A chronic eruption of flattened

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gray cortex. At B are seen neurons disposed horizontally ; their

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taught that nature was the same in every country, and that

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they have frequently seen transitory delirium (ddlires passagers) they have

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have to depend on the history of the involution ; but cases of eczema

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in 8 per cent ; and (iv.) erythematous in 35 per cent (distinctly macular

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animal most frequently employed) which has not been immunised will

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viduals show a special idiosyncrasy in this direction ; and not infrequently

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equally well be regarded as rendering the cortex less capable of exercising

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generally acknowledged, most of the patients are in the main healthy ;

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OpUhal. Soc. Gt. Brit, and Ire. vol. xvii. p. 1. — 49. Sabouraud. Ann. de dermat. vol.

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Some of these cases are the result of disease, not of congenital defect (7).

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grains of perchloride of mercury, a drachm of spirit, and seven drachms

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Shepherd. Montreal Med. Journal, March 1892. — 13. "Walker, Nokman. Journal

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b. Test Tubes. Make a longer file cut than for glass tubing,

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giving him quick intelligence of every change in the pa-

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hydrogen ion activities. These, not the concentrations,

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hallucinations which occur in young children. They frequently occur