The other symptoms may also reach such a degree that it is impossible for the patient to work, and that she prefers an This is the reason why it is so very difficult to find general decisive principles regulating the indications for this operation.

The largest contributions to the hospital have come from Indian rajahs and merchants, and tliose for research from English business men and firms, including very liberal support from Sir David Yule and Sir Dorab Tata. The best time to give the injection is about two and a half hours after a light meal and about two hours before the next meal, when the stomach is neither distended with food nor exhausted from hunger. A case was described in which, with this instrument and the Ecraseur, and without making an opening in the floor of the mouth to pass the chain through, the tongue, of which the body was affected with cancer, was excised beyond the foramen caecum and circumvallate papilla, these structures being included in the separated portion. (See related sidebar At the Medical College of Ohio at Toledo, two distinctly different pilot programs were offered to first-year medical students in an attempt to reduce the stress and ease the transition into medical training. From eases in tolerably uniform proportion to its population, with the to die out, only a few cases occurring at intervals. Complete recovery followed, the artificial anus having been closed some months afterwards. Careful attention was given to the sanitary surroundings of patients, the origin of the disease being frequently traced to polluted water.

We understand that the proposal made by Professor Carey Foster appointed by the Colleges was favourably considered, and that a communication will shortly be addressed to the Colleges by the of New South Wales, gave important evidence as to the working of the laws in that colony, after which the Commission proceeded STATE AID FOR IMBECILES. We hope it may not be unprofitable to believe that Smethwick is not much worse off in sanitary matters than some of its neighbours amongst the Black Country towns. Probably in a large proportion of such cases the disease is contracted by the ingestion of the milk of tuberculous cows. States Pharmaeopceia and the Pkarmaeopaa Germaniea have, with a very few exceptions, general directions given for their preparation. As is there observed:" Common sense and common experience testify that habitual drunkards die sooner than abstainers, and the report expressly stated the relative duration of life of total abstainers, and of habitually temperate drinkers. Cases of this kind have been recorded in which swimmers have so sunk, and have been taken out of the water, after an immersion of three or four minutes, quite dead, and with flaccid limbs. Entitled" On the Comparative InutiUty of Antiseptic Inhalation as at present practised in Phthisis and other Diseases of the Lungs.' In the paper itself, I defined more clearly the scope of the inquiry, which was more particularly to tost the efficiency or otherwise of antiseptic inhalation in the class of diseases referred to, as carried out by means of the different forms of oral and oro-nasal Thfi substances experimented upon were phenol or carbolic acid, creasote, thymol, and iodine, all frequently employed in inhalation in consequence of their known antiseptic properties. Jocelyn Swan), Animals and man, tuberculosis in, eradication of, diseases of, comnaunicable to man, observations Ankle-joint, abduction fractures at, treatment, Ante-natal mortality in children, preponderance over post-natal, in first two months of Anthracene workers, carcinoma cutis in (W. The fee for the course is and small pieces for manipulation, but are provided with the main collection of bottles and glasses upon paying a deposit, which is returned, with deductions for breakages, at the end of Professor Robert Eoch, the Director of the Institute, was Wallstein in Bamst. Was of very diminutive stature, being only four feet in height.

On the Beil estate the deerpark was not fully stocked with game, and the right of pasturage for a certain number of cattle was let yearly. The author quoted from the lectures and Dr.

Gottingen, Upsal, Halle, and Vienna." Speaking of the forty years now past. An interesting study of the results of asexualization operations performed in the Kansas School for the Feebleminded is given in the chapter on F.missions and Masturbation. It is not likely, because the man wants his pay, and captains do not carry money with them, but wait till they get to Port Said, where the agents find the money to pay off men. The remarks of the coroner, who dealt with the (juestion of shock under amesthetics, suggest the observation, risk nf death, provided it be ether that is employed There is a good deal of confusion in the minds of the public between deaths from shock and those due to anaesthetics, and it becomes a matter of no small importance to distinguish clearly between them.

There are a Museum containing specimens of Morbid and Comparative Anatomy; a collection of Wax Models and a collection of Materia Medica; Library; and a Reading Room. Only two cases of embryonal carcinoma appeared in the series; both showed marked initial improvement, but one relapsed, and the other is still in the initial improvement stage. Of the two modes of e.xit of nitrogen, bv far the most important is the urine.